Season 1 Episode1

agriculture barn cabin chapel
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It has been a whole week since I started this blog. What a week it has been. This chapter took me all week to finish. I had a lot of fun writing this chapter. I have already started next weeks chapter so maybe it won’t take me a whole week to write.  I hope you all enjoy.


On an Autumn day, a few days before winter was about to begin. The Tiesen family worked on their new farm that they had just moved to a few months ago. Axel and Pixie had a young daughter of 13 years of age. Echo was her name. Echo was not happy when she was told that they had to move. But after a few weeks of being on the farm she began to really enjoy it. Echo got to spend a lot more time with her father. She enjoyed the fact that Axel wanted to spend time teaching her new things. Echo’s favorite thing that her father had taught her was to use the long bow to hunt for food.

Axel was herding the cows out of the barn and into the meadow. Once there the cows would graze on the grass for a few days so Axel could make repairs to the barn and get it ready for the winter. Once the last cow was in the meadow and the gate shut, Axel leaned on the gate and looked out over his farm land. The sun was just starting to set, turning the sky orange. Axel used the sleeve of his wool shirt to wipe the sweat off his forehead. Axel smiled thinking about how he had changed his life from never seeing his daughter to now being able to spend all the time he could with her and being able to teach her things that his father had taught him.

Echo and Pixie were picking black berries. Echo had been asking her mother for that last few days if she could teach her how to make a pie, and tonight she would get to learn because it was her father’s birthday. “Mother, my basket is full.” Echo said as she set her basket on the ground. “Ok, sweetheart, come help me fill my basket. Your father loves black berries, so I think two baskets full will be enough.” Pixie said as she put a few black berries into her basket. After both of their baskets were full Pixie and Echo went into the kitchen to begin baking.

Both had put on matching white aprons to prevent from staining their clothes. Pixie loved helping in the kitchen. Pixie knew that one day soon Echo would not want to do anything with her, let alone dress in the same looking clothes.

With is quiver of arrows on his back and his bow in his hand, Axle heads out into the forest hoping to find something to hunt. A mile away from the farm Axel came across two sets of humanoid footprints heading toward the farm. Axle kneeled next to the footprints, he could tell that they were fresh. Axel stood up and removed an arrow from his quiver. With his long bow at the ready he moved quietly through the forest back toward the farm.

Axel sat under a tree looking at two humanoid figures standing on the edge of the forest looking at his house. Both humanoids are wearing matching blue robes with and S on the back. Axle knew just who these people where and what they wanted, they wanted him and Pixie dead. Axle use to work for this group of people before he quit and moved to the farm.

Axle drew back his bow, aimed and let the arrow fly. Before the arrow could reach its target, Axle had another arrow loaded and drew back on his bow and fired at the other humanoid. A grunt came from one humanoid as the arrow entered his back, blood oozed out from the wound. Now both humanoids having arrows stinking out of their backs, turned around to see where it came from.

Axle sprung from the cover of the tree and dropped his bow to the ground and ran toward the two humanoids figures. With is right hand Axle pulled out a dagger from its sheath. Before the two humanoids knew what was going on, Axel slides his dagger across the throat of the humanoid on the right. Blood spilled out on to the ground. Axle spun around and stabbed his dagger into the last humanoid four times, as the body of the humanoid on the right hit the ground. Axel removed his dagger from the last humanoid. Before the humanoid hit the ground, Axel wiped his dagger on its robe.

Axle put the dagger back into his sheath and picked up his long bow. He knew that these humanoids were not the only ones heading toward his home. “I must get my family out of the house.” Axle said as he began running toward the house.

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