Season 1 Episode 2

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I hope you all had a good week. This week I got this weeks episode done on Thursday. I had so much fun writing this episode. Next weeks will be out next Tuesday the 19th of Feb. I cant wait to get started writing that one. I hope you all enjoy this episode. 

Axle knelt next to a tree on the edge of the forest. He looked over is farm land. It being surrounded by forest it was hard to tell if anybody was in the tree line waiting or watching for him. He looked toward the farm-house, where Pixie and Echo were waiting for him to get home so they could all sit down for dinner. The farm house looked cozy and welcoming. There are two small windows on either side of the door, you could see the flickering of a fire. White smoke coming out of the stone chimney. Axle smiled seeing that the chimney he built out of stones that he found lying around the farm was working.

The door to the farm-house swung open. Axle looked around the farm, checking to see if he could see any movement coming from the tree line. Nothing. Echo walked out of the door, putting on her coat. Where could she be going? Axle thought to himself. Axle watched Echo walk to the cow barn and walk in. I wonder if She thinks that I’m in there?

Out of the corner of Axle’s eye, he could see movement coming from the road leading to the farm. Three figures walked along the road, two in front carrying something in their hands. The figure in the back looked very slender and towered over the two in the front, at least by two feet. As soon as the three figures moved past the tree line and stepped into the moonlight Axle could tell that the two in front were carrying crossbows and were just bodyguards. The tall slender one was a woman dressed in a purple robe, carrying a staff. Axle’s eyes widened when he sees the woman. He knows who the tall woman is. It was Lady Sophia.

Axle know what Lady Sophie was here for and he didn’t have it. Axle stood up and moved slowly toward the barn where Echo had entered not that long ago. He knows that she should be coming out soon. He needs to get to her before she comes out and Lady Sophia sees her. If she gets seen she will be killed too.

Axle slowly made his way to the barn just as the door was opening. He slammed his full weight into the door, knocking Echo back on to the ground. “What the?” Echo said looking at the door. “I’m so sorry Echo but I need you to stay in the barn and keep quite.” Axle said as he pulled the board over the door locking the barn door. “What is going on father?” Echo asked still sitting on the ground in the barn. “Shh Echo you have to be really quiet and I need you to know that I’m sorry for this. Your mother and I love you so much.” Axle said.

Axle walked into the farm-house and closed the door behind him. “Pixie, they are here.” Axle said. “Where is Echo? We have to hide her before they see her.” Pixie said, standing up from her chair. “I handled it, she will be ok.” Axle said walking over to where Pixie was standing. Pixie cupped her hands over her mouth and began talking to her hands. Tears began falling down Pixie’s cheeks. Axle quickly wrapped his arms around her, just as the door to the farm house burst open. The two bodyguards rushed in wearing leather armor, their helmets also made of leather and had a purple feather coming out the top of them. The bodyguards are wearing a purple tunic with two staffs crossed and a letter L in the middle. “Put your hands in the air” The bodyguards yelled pointing their crossbows at Axle and Pixie. Axle and Pixie turned with their hands in the air to face the two bodyguards.

Lady Sophia walked into the farm-house, her staff knocking on the wooden floor with every other step she took. “Lady Sophia you don’t have to do this.” Pixie said trying to hold back her tears. “Do what? Get my gold back, that you two stole from me.” Lady Sophia said as she looked around the farm house. After looking around the house her white eyes finally stopping on Axle and Pixie. “Lady Sophia we can get you your gold, we just need some more time.” Axle said, putting his arms down at his side. “Now, now you both know that is not going to happen. You took my gold and then ran away, thinking that I wouldn’t find you.” Lady Sophia said with a smirk on her face. “We are sorry abo…”  Pixie was cut off before she could finish. “STOP, do not interrupt me. One of you shoot her in the leg.” Lady Sophia said. Her eyes changing from white to red. One of the bodyguards pointed his crossbow at Pixie’s leg and fired.

Pixie screamed in pain as she fell to the floor, the arrow sticking out of her leg. Blood dripped from her wound onto the floor. Axle dropped to the floor and knelt next to Pixie. “Now, where were we? Oh yes, you both took my gold and said that you would pay me back in two weeks, but instead you both took off and tried to hide from me.” Lady Sophia said walking closer to Axle and Pixie. “Its to bad too, I liked you both, now I’m going to have to kill you.” Said Lady Sophia as she lifted her staff into the air with both hands. Axle and Pixie watched in horror. Lady Sophia waved her staff in a circle then slammed down her staff onto the floor. A red light surrounded Axle and Pixie’s bodies. They flopped on the ground like a fish out of water. Lady Sophia raised her staff back into the air and the red light that was surrounding Axle and Pixie’s bodies flashed into the top of the staff.

Axle and Pixie’s bodies lay dead on the floor. Lady Sophia smiled and turned and walked out the door followed by her two bodyguards.

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