Season 1 Episode 3

gray scale photo of house on field
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We got a ton of snow this week, Kids school got pushed back two hours. But work did not. Anyways sorry about the late posting of this episode, this one took me longer then I would have liked but hey its done and here it is. Hope you all have a great week and I will see you all next week. 

The sun had fully given way to the moon and a coldness filled the night air. Light from the moon beamed through the loft window of the barn. Dust glistened in the light. Inside the barn cobwebs hung from the ceiling and the smell of cow manure filled the stale air. Some of the wood walls looked aged and in need of repair. Wood planks rotting and some with holes where rats chewed their way in.

Echo pushed her self-off the ground and began brushing off her hands onto her pants. Looking around the barn, Echo could see the ladder that leads to the loft to her left, and to the right the stalls that held the cows when they were in the barn. Echo turned back to the door and pushed on it, it creaked under the pressure but didn’t open. Echo’s heart began to race. Her father really did lock her in the barn. She turned from the barn door and looked around, not sure what to do. She pushed her wavy long brown hair out of her face.

Echo climbed up the ladder leading to the loft. Echo scanned around the loft. Hay covered the loft floor. A scream filled the cold night air. Echo ran to the loft window and looked out. She could see that the farm house door was open. Other than that, she couldn’t see anything else. Tears began to run down Echo’s cheeks. She felt so lost and unsure on what to do.

Echo sat next to the window, waiting and hoping to see her parents. As she was waiting, she noticed something weird about the loft floor. The floor was covered in hay everywhere but in the corner opposite of where she was sitting there was no hay at all. Echo slowly stood up. As soon as she was standing, she looked out toward the farm house, three figures walked out of the door. From this far Echo couldn’t make out their faces. The tall figure leads the way up the road away from the farm. Following the tall one was, two smaller figures carrying something in their hands. Echo watched until the three figures disappeared into the darkness.

Echo watched the farm house but couldn’t see any movement. She would try to get out of the barn and check on her parents after she checks out the corner. Echo walked over to investigate the floor boards of the corner. As she gets closer to the corner, she could see that a few of the floor boards looked like they have been cleaned off. There was no dirt or dust on them like the other floor boards near it. Echo pushed on the end of one of the floor boards with her foot, the other end of the board lifted. She grabbed the now open floor board and tossed it aside. Inside the open floor sat a purple bag with a crest on it. The crest was a letter J in the middle of two staffs that crossed.

Echo picked up the purple bag and examined the crest, trying to remember if she had seen it before. Not thinking that she had she untied the top of the bag and looked in. Inside the bag was a brown book wrapped in a purple string, keeping the book closed. Echo reached into the bag and pulled out the book. The book was made of leather, there were not any other markings on the book.

Echo rubbed the cover of the book, it felt like a snake skin. Feeling it reminded her of a time that her and father were out hunting and the came across a snake. Her father killed it with his bow and arrow, then picked up the snake and tossed it to Echo. Echo yelled out in horror as the snake came flying at her face.

Chills ran up Echo’s back and the hairs on her neck stood up as she remembered the snake hitting her in the face. Her father laughed about it for weeks. Echo closed her eyes trying to push that memory out of her head.

Echo looked out the window and saw the farm house, she had almost forgot her parents. The book would have to wait until after she checked on her mother and father. Looking out the window Echo could tell that the ground was to far down to just jump. She would need to find a rope or another way out.

After looking around on the bottom floor she found a robe and took it back to the loft. She tied one end of the rope to the ladder and tossed the other end out the window. Echo pulled on the rope making sure that it would hold. She shoved the book into her pants. Holding the rope with both hands she began to climb down the barn wall. A smile appeared on Echo’s face as she was making her way down. Half way down the wall Echo’s hand started to get tired and sweaty. Echo gritted her teeth as she couldn’t hold on any longer. The rope slipped out of her hands and Echo’s head hit the ground with a thud. The night sky was the last thing Echo saw before she passed out.

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