Season 1 Episode 4

adventure conifer dark dawn
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Episode 4 is here. I hope you like it. This one was a bit of a hard one for me to get going but i think it turned out good.



The clouds have moved in front of the moon, making the night darker. A horse and carriage trotted down the dirt road leading away from the farm. An old dwarf man with a long white beard and his long hair pulled back into a ponytail sat atop the carriage, with the reins in hands guiding the horse on where to go.

As the horse and carriage moved deeper into the forest, trees covered up any moonlight. The dwarf man snapped his fingers and a light appeared in the palm of his hand. Holding the ball of light in one hand he pulled out a pole from behind his seat. Atop the pole hung an unlit lantern. The dwarf pushed the ball of light into the lantern and stuck the pole into a hole next to him.

The carriage hit a hole in the road, and it sent everyone and everything in the carriage flying. Echo’s unconscious body slammed on to the carriage floor. Echo opened her eyes slowly and then closed them.  After doing that a few times she was finally able to keep her eyes open. As she looked around the carriage, she could see a woman sitting across from her. The woman was looking out the window and holding on to a handle, as to not get tossed around. Echo had never seen this woman before, she didn’t think that it was the same people that she saw leaving the farm house.

This woman looked like her mother but older. Her hair had all but turned all grey. She had the same eyes as Echo’s mother. Echo could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Echo didn’t know what was going on, or where she was. The last thing that she remembered was climbing out of the barn. Echo sat up from the floor and checked to see if she still had the journal that she had found. She felt the leather of the journal and was at least happy that it was still there.

“Good your awake.” Said the woman. “Who are you and where are we?” said Echo. Pulling herself off the floor and moving to a seat across from the woman. “I am Junko, your mother’s older sister and we are in a carriage heading to a town called Sackfield.”

Echo began looking around the carriage, there were a pair of backpacks and a bow on the floor of the carriage. One of the bags looked like one that Echo’s father had given her to use when they went out hunting. “Where are my parents?” Echo asked. “Echo I am so sorry to have to tell you this, but they are dead.” Junko said turning to look out the window, knowing that if she looked at Echo she would start to cry. No one should have to lose their parents this young.

“What do you mean they are dead?” Echo asked staring at Junko. Junko turned to face Echo, tears coming down her face. “Echo they were killed by some really bad people.” Junko said. Echo put her head into her hands and began to sob.

Junko stood up from her seat and walked over and sat next to Echo. “I’m going to take care of you Echo.” Said Junko wrapping her arm around Echo in a hug.  “your mother told me to take care of you and show you the way of the ranger.” Said Junko. “The way of a ranger?” Asked Echo, looking up from her hands. Her eyes red and full of tears.  “You look just like your mother.” Said Junko.

Echo stood up and looked at Junko. “I’m going to kill who ever killed my mother and father.” Yelled Echo. “Echo, I understand how you feel, but those people are really powerful. You are not ready to take them on yet, but with my training you will be.” Said Junko. Echo looked at Junko unsure how this old lady would be able to help her. “Echo have a seat, I will tell you everything that you need to know.” Said Junko.

Junko and Echo sat and talked. Junko told Echo about Lady Sophia and all the bad things that she did. How her mother and father used to work for her. How her mother and father took a loan from Lady Sophia and didn’t plan on paying her back.

“See Echo, Lady Sophia is a bad person and she is going to be really hard to kill, but I can train you so one day you will be able to do just that.” Said Junko. “My mother knew that she was about to die, so she sent you a message to come get me?” Said Echo.  “Yes, your mother messaged me because she knew that I would look after you and give you the training you need to one day kill Lady Sophia.” Junko said as she pulled out a journal from one of the backpacks that laid on the floor. Junko brushed off the cover of the journal and handed it to Echo. “This was your mothers, she wrote about all of her adventures.” Junko said as she watched Echo rub her fingers on the cover.

Echo stared at the journal. “Your telling me that my mother was an adventurer?” asked Echo. “Yes, she was a darn good one too, until one day she made a bad deal with Lady Sophia and things took a turn for the worst. It’s all in there.” Junko said pointing at the journal. Echo began flipping through the journal.

The carriage came to a halt, catching Echo off guard and tossing her to the floor. “We are here.” Said Junko. Helping Echo up off the floor. Echo and Junko picked up the backpacks and headed out of the carriage.

As the two exited the carriage the dwarf stood holding the door open for them. “Thank you, Thomas, that will be all for the night.” Junko said stepping out into the darkness of the night. Echo took a deep breath of the cold night air. The smell of a burning fire was all that she could smell. Junko turned to Echo. “I know it has been a long night and a lot has happened, but your training will start tomorrow. Follow me and I will show you to your room.

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